[thelist] PHP upload files

john corry john at neoncowboy.com
Fri Sep 21 17:33:49 CDT 2001

> Sorry, I'm a little confused by the situation: are you trying to
> allow someone to edit a file on the server? or upload a file to the
> server for editing?

I'm trying to allow usrs to upload image files from their client to the site
with an <input type="file" name="photo"> in my form.

When I test it, the script that this form's action attribute uses fails
opening the file. GetImageSize or copy(), both fail if the input file is not
a file from one of the 'virtual directories' on my machine. Like, if I
choose an image from one of the other sites I work on, my functions work;
but if I choose an image from 'My Documents', the functions fail.

It looks like its time to take development of this to the server...


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