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travis forden travis at treevis.com
Fri Sep 21 18:15:32 CDT 2001


How does all this work if I am not the server administrator for my site? I use a hosting company with virtual hosting on an apache server on a linux box. Is it a matter of using .htaccess? In the comments of the first article, ironclad suggests using a mod_rewrite and CGI to record the spiderts IP address immediately. If I don't have access to the server's config files, can I still use these techniques?

a newbie to apache

At 04:23 pm 9/21/01, you wrote:
>I saw this in this morning's ApacheWeekly....
>The administrators at evolt.org are "Using Apache to stop bad robots". In a short article they show how they capture robots that not only ignore the robots.txt file, but deliberately try to index files they are told not to.
>Morbus Iff develops a "Search Engine Friendly SSI Image Gallery" in his article on evolt.org. The article shows how to create a dynamic image gallery, using only the features built into a core distribution of Apache.
>Anthony Baratta

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