[thelist] Another way of trapping bots (was: Congrats to evolt.org....)

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri Sep 21 18:48:16 CDT 2001

>  >However, new robots appear daily and so I created a link which only
>>robots would follow - the link is of a 1-pixel transparent gif (with
>>no alt text) and it is to an empty page that just sets a session
>>variable.  If the session id is "null" or if the "caught" variable has
>>been set, the clickable palettes with their 4,500 links won't appear
>>in the Colour Selector.  The catch link is at the very top and very
>>bottom of pages.
>Sessions rely on cookies, right? How many of these robots accept

Nice idea! And you could just pass a get variable with the null 
session id, instead of cookies.

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