[thelist] Help with javascript menu please?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Sep 21 18:57:27 CDT 2001

> So I could simply paste the basic Navigation in between the
> <noscript></noscript> tags and be on my merry way?

hi jeana

yes, or you could use ordinary html links for the top level
of your navigation, so that if the hiermenus are not available,
at least the site visitor can navigate to the main section pages


   <a href="sitemap.htm"
     >Site Map</a>

each top level page would have a hardcoded index of links
to second level pages

with javascript on, people would typically go to second level
pages directly using the hiermenus

this way, you don't have to have separate or duplicate
navigation code in the noscript tag


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