assumptions regarding computer competency of those who don't use certain keys for navigation (was Re: [thelist] site critique please)

Nicole Parrot nicole at
Fri Sep 21 19:07:57 CDT 2001

Windows+F = calls up the Find window. It's still the same keyboard shortcut
even though the Find has been renamed to Search in Windows XP.

And my fave keyboard shortcut
Windows+E = calls up Explorer, which you can use as Windows Explorer and
Internet Explorer.

And I just discovered Windows+L to log out...

One of the good sides of having Internet explorer integrated in the OS is
that you can use it to explore both the net and your own system. The same
goes for Windows Explorer which by default will give you access to your
drive. It will accept a URL in the Address: field.  So you can re-use
whatever you have that's already running.

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