[thelist] ASP, HTTP_REFERRER, Session questions

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat Sep 22 09:14:22 CDT 2001

On Sep 21, Beau Hartshorne had something to say about RE: [thelist] ASP,...

>I'm not quite sold on Server.Transfer VS Response.Redirect. Are there
>cases where Response.Redirect simply does not work?

Yes, in older browsers and some robot clients and clients of other sorts
like middleware http get/post clients (like certain ASP COM objects, and I 
assume other language's http interaction methods can at least be
configured to not follow redirects).

Plus, IMO, sending a "moved temp./perm." header in order to send someone
to a *different* page is a hack.

Plus, what happens in a client redirect like a 301 or 302 is:

1. Client makes request to server
2. Server responds with a 301/302 status code and usually includes a
Location: header where the moved file can be found
3. Client makes *another* request, this time it's the file found in #2's
Location: header
4. Server most likely responds with a 200 status and the requested file.

And this is what happens in the Server.Transfer method:

1. Client makes request for File A
2. Server executes File A, notices a Server.Transfer to File B, grabs
and executes any code in File B, and returns a 200 status code along with
File B.

So, it's server-client-server-client vs. server-client, the latter which
models the intended interaction more closely and certainly cuts down on
response time.

that help? if you still have questions, shoot.  =)


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