[thelist] a plea

// kerin | airside.co.uk kerin at airside.co.uk
Sat Sep 22 11:00:09 CDT 2001

Thanks Michele,

I've already had a few people mail me offlist with the mail I was 
looking for. Super-quick too!



>Is this the message you are looking for:
>When you go to thelist archive, you'll see several blank or very small
>entries at the top.  The reason for this is messages that get sent with an
>incorrect date.  The archive gets created by week (date).  You need to check
>the date to get the current week (or look for the larger file sizes).
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "// kerin | airside.co.uk" <kerin at airside.co.uk>
>| So, if anybody could help it would be *greatly* appreciated. The mail
>| was the only reply to i mail I sent title "MySQl JOINing", containing
>| a SQL query.
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