[thelist] Mail System Error - Returned Mail

Mail Administrator Postmaster at mailhost.iworld.com
Sun Sep 23 11:42:17 CDT 2001

This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

A message was not delivered because a loop was found in the Mail
eXchanger (MX) record database.  The destination host has an MX
record that points to this host, but there is no account for the

Here are a few possible solutions for clearing up this problem:

       - return the mail since the address was invalid

       - fix the MX records in the DNS for the host in question
         and then resubmit the message

       - add an account or alias for the recipient on this machine
         and then resubmit the message

If this machine should be handling all mail for the destination
host, it should be added to the list of Local-Mail-Domains in
the "System Configuration."

     Destination host: swynk.com

The following recipients did not receive this message:

     <sdooley at swynk.com>

Please reply to Postmaster at schubert.iworld.com
if you feel this message to be in error.

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