[thelist] Site Critique Please - Woggz.com

Ray Hill ray at opengrid.com
Thu Sep 27 12:57:44 CDT 2001

It's a simple, clean navigation, which is good.  

But it seems like too much white space is being wasted at the top.  Instead
of having an empty colored bar at the top of each page, then an image with a
bunch of white space beside it, before you finally get to the content, why
not move the image *into* the colored bar, so that there is less wasted
space and more of the content can be seen without scrolling?

Also, I would expect clicking on the logo to bring you back to the home
page, as it does on most sites, but it's not clickable.  That's a pet peeve
of mine.  :)

Otherwise, very slick!


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