[thelist] ListServ Announce App W2K

Ed emagin at onebox.com
Sat Sep 29 19:37:48 CDT 2001

Does anyone know of a reliable ListServ app that could be used on a hosted
W2K box running Coldfusion 5.0?

Scenario:  Similar to Evolt list, but even simpler

- Public site where users can subscribe to an announce-only listserv list.
- Email addresses should be handled on the listserv side (Fear of CF_Mail
- CF App takes care of creating newsletter and sending to list
- Subscribers have html page to edit subscribe/unsub
- Load is 500-3000 users for the next year


- Don't want to buy a whole mail server as don't need mail
- Not sure if hosted mailing list is adequate, and very limited control over
user list (web interface) in case of problems

Thank you very much for any thoughts on this.


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