[thelist] PDF validation routines

Katherine Spice k.spice at acu.ac.uk
Mon Oct 8 08:32:52 CDT 2001

Hi Kim,

I'm not sure about the validation, or OnPrint event, but I can maybe
help with this...

> How would you go about creating a comma-separated file from the fields in
> the form and mail it to a specified address or submit it to a specified
> url? To be more specific: Is it possible to  create a string variable that
> can be exported as a file from the document? And can you use escape
> characters such as tabs?

In the properties of your submit button, go in to "Actions". For "Mouse
Up", add action "Submit Form". Select the URL, and choose the HTML Form
(URL encoded) option. You can also choose which fields are submitted.
When pressed, this button will then send the contents of your form to
the URL you've specified over HTTP, exactly like a HTML form would. Your
URL needs to be a program which can then deal with the fields as you


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