[thelist] Internet Explorer and Privacy Policies?

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Or to be more exact - IE6 follows the P3P (Platform for Privacy
protocol. What it's looking for is an XML version of the policy. If it
finds it, it
will then allow or block the content according to user-settable

More on P3P at
http://www.w3c.org/p3p/  (yay, standards)

I don't have the MS ref to hand, but there's info about the implementation
on the IE6 site.


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It's a third party cookie issues. The Amazon add tries to write some
cookies to the users browser and if the browser doesn't allow it, you
get that icon. Double click the icon to see the report.

The other page doesn't have any ads, so there isn't any third party
cookies being written to the client.

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I am sure everyone has noticed the little icon at the bottom of the new
IE browsers that state "PRIVACY POLICY IS MISSING".

Anyone have any documentation about this? About what kind of provacy
policy I need to have to eliminate it?

For instance, check out my site at http://www.makovision.com/. On the
main page (in IE 6.0) I get the PRIVACY POLICY MISSING icon.

However, if you click over to the subscriber page for the free
newsletter, at http://www.makovision.com/subs/ , you will notice that
the Privacy Policy icon disappears. Yet BOTH pages have a hyperlink to
the SAME Privacy Policy.

Anyone know anything about this? Any clarification would be appreciated.

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