[thelist] Site Critique requested

Andy Warwick andy.w at creed.co.uk
Mon Oct 8 10:48:59 CDT 2001

Thanks to everyone who looked at the site at


and commented and sent screenshots (too many to list or thank individually).
They helped me understand exactly what was going wrong.

I'm now hoping - a few tweaks later - that the problem is fixed and all the
platforms and browsers will play nice; and if they don't they degrade
gracefully and explain why not.

(It was a mistake in the the CSS file, where I was adding margins and
paddings that I didn't need to. The main content <div> doesn't have a set
width, so my "fix" wasn't even needed. If anyone is interested what I was
trying to work around, see http://glish.com/css/hacks.asp)

If those people who were having "issues" could check again I would
appreciate it.

I'd also like to know that the site degrades nicely if you turn of CSS or
look in very old version of Netscape that aren't standard-complaint. There
should be a subtle, well-reasoned argument to upgrade.

Thanks for all the help again.

Andy Warwick       

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