[thelist] Site Critique requested

Andy Warwick andy.w at creed.co.uk
Mon Oct 8 11:21:27 CDT 2001

On 2001-10-08 17:11, Joshua Olson at joshua at alphashop.com wrote:

> Make sure you check the layout when the browser is very narrow.  It does
> some funky stuff right now when the right hand fade wraps *above* the logo
> and name.  Perhaps a minimum fixed width would help this.


AFAIK it works okay down to 800x600. At 640x480 I see what you mean, but
given the target audience I'm okay with that. Even at 640x480 the content is
still all there. But yes, you are right - the layout goes ga-ga. Not sure
what I can do to fix that, other than narrow the right-hand graphic.

> I love the overall look and feel  (I'm going to bookmark this one in "Nice
> Layouts")

Thanks very much. Feel free to rip the code apart and grab the CSS file to
duplicate the 3 column <div> layout as well. (Goes without saying, but no
nabbing the graphics...)

> Some other things to note (nt/ie specific):
> 1.  When I made the browser font really small the footer goes underneath the
> associates box.
> 2.  When I made the browser font really big the industry news items got
> crowded.

Any chance of screenshots?

I've got a feeling you mean *really* small, and *really* big, in which case
I'm not too worried, but I'd like to see what you define as small and big,
as well as what you'd choose as the default size.
> (non nt/ie specific)
> Even though I have a CSS browser, I still d/l the screen shot, which takes
> the page image weight from 34k to 71k...  I don't know how you could fix
> this and still keep the same functionality, however.  You may be able to
> limit the effect by optimizing the image in a jpeg if that's smaller.

Yeah - the screenshot isn't yet optimised, but I think it's worth it as a
"convincing mechanism" to try and get people to upgrade their browsers.

I'm aiming for a 50k page size. (Let's hear it for Jakob!!!)
> Keep up the good work.

Thanks, and thanks for taking the time to look and comment.

Andy Warwick       

email: andy.w at creed.co.uk    PGP ID: 0xB1D73499   t: 07976 205085

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