What is an affiliate really? (was Re: [thelist] Site Critique requested)

Andy Warwick andy.w at creed.co.uk
Mon Oct 8 12:57:57 CDT 2001

On 2001-10-08 18:42, Marc Seyon at seyon at delime.com wrote:

>>> Technically there's absolutely nothing wrong with calling oneself an Amazon
>>> Associate, but morally, is it right to do so in this manner?
>> Not sure what else I can do. I've complied with the terms of the program
>> AFAIK, and added a disclaimer/explanation next to the logo. I certainly have
>> no intention of passing off this as anything more than it is, as - as you
>> said - that would be morally wrong.
>> Is it the term and header associate that you have a problem with, or merely
>> the link with Amazon itself. If the later - which remains your prerogative -
>> then I'd have to disagree. If the former, I do see where you are coming
>> from. The "relative" weighting such a header gives the button certainly may
>> imply some relationship that isn't intended; any suggestions as to how to
>> "fix" this? If possible I'd rather give the button some context that makes
>> the situation clear, than just floating it in as an afterthought.
> Andy,
> It's definitely the former. Nothing wrong with displaying the Amazon logo.
> Just the relationship implied by the header. (I like your choice of the
> term 'weighting')
> -marc


I know what you mean now, and had gone through the same thought process when
designing the page; in the end I came down on the other side than you did.
Perhaps I was wrong, and other people will read into the design something
not intended. I'll have a play around with the icon and see how it looks
just floating in that column, or in a similarly lined box but without the

I certainly don't want to imply a relationship when there isn't one, and
might have erred on a context of "this is important" rather than "this is
secondary" with the surrounding design elements.

Thanks for the input.


Andy Warwick       

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