[thelist] Java.NET - good thing? bad thing?

Don Makoviney don at aspalliance.com
Tue Oct 9 04:36:17 CDT 2001

What would be REALLY great is ANY Language on any OS ---> but unfortunately
not even SUN can do that.

I prefer not having to limit my choice of programmers to one language (i.e.
JAVA). Now pretty much any programmer can use the .NET framework (including
JAVA developers) and program in the language of their choice. Heck even
COBOL programmers can now even program in .NET. (hehe. . .that's nice of
Microsoft to give them work again!)

If SUN wasn't so arrogant about JAVA they could have wiped Microsoft off of
the planet.

Unfortunately, SUN will be a victim of it's own ignorance.

Don Makoviney

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> <sarcasm><rant>
> Sounds really good (and as has already been pointed out, there's some
> déjà vu in there). And .NET runs on .NET servers. Who controls .NET
> servers then? Why that would be ......
> The only way this is really good is if .NET is open source. Run it on
> the OS of *your* choice - the original idea behind Java - separate the
> App from the OS.
> All MS is doing is providing a "translator" so that you can take what
> you've already learned and use it to develop apps to run on MS servers.
> Isn't that GREAT news! We can do this now people - what's new? Virtually
> all apps can be compiled for MS now.
> All we need is .NET taking over so that everything runs on bullet-proof,
> fast, reliable, and unhackable MS servers <teehee>. Thanks, but I think
> I'll take my money out of the bank now.
> </rant></sarcasm>
> Glenn Hunt
> ghunt at hds.ca
> > I myself would like this. This would be a very
> > cool "write once, deploy everywhere" scenario.
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