[thelist] CSS? Is It?` (fwd)

James Aylard webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Tue Oct 9 10:27:45 CDT 2001


> I'm trying to make form fields nce and un 3d!
> as in no border, specific font etc.

    Use CSS, "border: none ;" to eliminate borders, and the font and color
properties to style the text.
    In IE, setting the border to none will work with text-type inputs,
file-type inputs, password-type inputs, textareas, and the various types of
buttons, but not selects (not even in IE 6). Font and color properties work
on all controls (although they don't apply to checkbox-type and radio-type).
    Border and font/color properties will work with all form elements in
Mozilla/Netscape 6 except, curiously enough, the file-type input. They work
on virtually no form elements in Netscape 4.x except the textarea and (most
oddly) the select element (where it renders the element unusable).
    So, use this approach at your own risk. If this effect is extremely
important to you, you may need to implement custom controls using graphics
and scripting to achieve consistent results across browser makes and models.

James Aylard

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