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Andy Warwick andy.w at creed.co.uk
Tue Oct 9 11:13:47 CDT 2001

On 2001-10-09 16:30, Bob Boisvert at webdad at tampabay.rr.com wrote:

> Hi all,

> The second version of the site
> http://www24.brinkster.com/webdad/calvary2/index.htm is the one that I came
> up with, thinking it is a more today look and function.


The second one is much better IMHO.

I'd agree with Kristina that the text needs to be turned into real text
rather than a graphic; aside from downloading quicker, being more accessible
for less-abled viewers with special-needs browsers, its also a *lot* easier
to edit.


> What I'm looking for are comments about the overall look of each in
> comparison to each other, what would catch your eye better and make you want
> to go further into the site.

Again in agreement with the rest of the comments, I'd lose the splash
screen; not needed and will be annoying on return visits.

I'd personally look at toning down some of the graphics by muting the colors
a little; going for more of a natural green, rather than the near-pure RGB
green. Again, people with less than perfect vision may get eye-strain with
such "shouty" colors. I might even consider swapping the red or blue for a
variant of the green as well. By keeping to a single palette of colors for
the screen "furniture", they don't compete against the content and pictures
as much..

I'd also make the navigation buttons wider so the text had "room to
breathe", and take off the redundant "Our" on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th buttons
(whose else would it be...).

The swapping "Mission and Goals" and "History" buttons, with the magical
appearing "Home" button tripped me up. The same buttons should be there all
the time, with the active one "greyed" out in some fashion.

The use of photos of the church itself, rather than stock shots, is
definitely the way to go. There will be someone in the church with a digital
camera; make it their job to take lots of photos of the church and its
members. The more personal and specific images on the site, the more people
will "buy in" to what you are trying to do here.

Hope that helps.

Andy Warwick       

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