[thelist] Site observation please

Paul Wilson webguroo at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Oct 9 12:12:28 CDT 2001

> It would be a shame for your church to seek the services of a web design
> professional and then not heed that person's professional advice. They
> probably NOT do that with their lawyer or accountant. If it's important to

Having built two free church websites, one for a small Methodist church and
one for a large Lutheran church, I can say that there are sometimes more
politics going on behind the scenes than at the Republican National
Convention.  (no slam intended to any political or religeous party intended)

Everyone wants to have a say in what it looks like and what info is included
until you ask them specifically for images or text..... boy watch them run

With the Methodists the power either resides in one of the Matriarchs or
with the Pastor.  That's the person to convince.... but sometimes people
don't stay convinced and they come back later to have it done the way they
originally wanted it.  I have seen this a few times.  Just some observations
to think about.

Paul Wilson
webguroo at tampabay.rr.com

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