[thelist] Server-side image drawing software?

Mark Gregor mark at velir.com
Tue Oct 9 18:06:57 CDT 2001

Hi John,

> like changing shape dimensions based on numeric text data 
> (graphs), changing text, compositing of arbitrary elements at 
> arbitrary positions, etc?

It would be more along the lines of creating graphs, charts, and the
like based on a supplied data source.

> How would you define a state map? I assume you're not 
> specifying each curve, but maybe you mean presenting an 
> arbitrary detail of an existing map, or perhaps show/hiding 
> various layers atop it (parks, hospitals, etc). Or...?

We'll be using GIS data to generate a state map with county boundaries
drawn and then color coding each county based on a pre-determined
equation.  I don't think we'll be overlaying anything on top of the map
other than county name.

We looked at Macromedia Generator but it seems more focused on
generation of Flash content which we definitely won't need.  I think we
can probably get everything we need from open source solutions rather
than the relatively expensive Generator server (don't get me wrong,
Generator looks good, but we prefer open source and we wouldn't be using
any of the Flash tools anyway).


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