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 Now, I look up the book I want, and buy
it - at buy.com (until two weeks ago their prices were 10%-20% lower every
time.) I'm not altruistic enough to give my business to the site with the
best search engine, but I'm not going to waste time with a lousy search
engine to save a few dollars when I can pop over to another site and find
what I want.

I feel that I can relate to this posting.
I buy most of my books from bookpool.com.
They are less expensive but totally reliable.

 I recently paid more for a car rental because
I like the way I am treated at Alamo.com:
You specify the city, pick and drop off
dates and time. The next page shows you all the possibilities
with TOTAL prices.

Contrast that to a competitor site where they ask you to pick
the model first and then ... the next s l o w page
gives you prices that you have to add to get a total.
If you want to compare to another model.. you have to back 
to the previous page, select another model and wait some more.

Sometimes paying for service is worth it.

- ianO -

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