[thelist] I hate Fireworks

Jamie Bakum jamie.bakum at circle.com
Wed Oct 10 12:02:09 CDT 2001

> png is not proprietary.  It was standardized by the W3C with several clear
> objectives:

Hi Simon -

Agreed - but I think in this case the "semi-proprietary format" referred to
in this thread is Fireworks' modified implementation of the .png format for
use as their default file, rather than a "true" png, which is, as you point
out, a W3C standard.

In my limited experience with them, the file size always seems larger than a
comparable .gif or .jpeg, which just means I probably don't know what I'm

While I'm thinking about it, is anyone out there working at all with .pngs,
and have any good links/resources for .pngs to share? Seems like this was
always a "just around the corner" revolution...


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