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narrator narrator at idiom.com
Wed Oct 10 12:59:24 CDT 2001

Hi listers,
I've just taken over maintenance for a non-profit and they currently have
no way to read their server logs. Recommendations? I've been checking out
Analog and have looked at WWWStat.  It's their marketing person who will
be looking at these so preferably it would be something I could load on to
their server (running Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) PHP/4.0.6 on Linux) and give
her a url to check once a week. I'm not sure I can do this with
Analog. I'm looking for free or inexpensive.


<tip type="HTML email testing" author="kyra">
It's evil, but occasionally your client wants it and you can't talk 
them out of it.  Can't quite figure out how to send it off to test without
going through Subscribe Me Lite?  Try these at your prompt:

sendmail name at domain.com < htmltestfile.html

or if you don't have sendmail

mail name at domain.com < htmltestfile.html

Other sort of vaguely helpful links:

Web Monkey's All About HTML Email

The Evolt Article on HTML Email

Subscribe Me Lite (look in Shareware)

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