[thelist] I hate Fireworks

Matt Wenham matt at mattwenham.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 13:09:56 CDT 2001

> ... it was the phrase "semi-proprietary format" used to describe the
> PNG that prompts my first time posting to evolt.

> png is not proprietary.


> PNG is an extensible file format ...

...and hereby lies the background to my 'semi-proprietary' remark.

What MM have done with their 'Fireworks PNG' format is to use
proprietary blocks within the file to store vector information.
Fireworks and other MM software can use this information to allow the
file to be edited at an object level, something not possible with
conventional PNG. 

MM have not released documentation covering how the data is stored in
these blocks, so the information is not available to non-MM software.

The bitmap representation of the picture is stored in normal PNG data
blocks which can be read by any software capable of reading PNG files.


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