[thelist] PHP Jump to Anchor Tags?

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Oct 11 12:34:38 CDT 2001

Matt Wenham wrote:

> > I am learning php and need a little help.  I am using embedded php in
> > html, field validation script, I want it to jump to an anchor tag
> > within the body of the page if there are errors.  This seems simple
> > but I have not been able to get to work or find info about it.
> I would have thought that using Javascript to set...
> window.location="#anchor"
> ...would work.

Yes, it would.  However I do not have the option of using JS on this
project.  It is php embedded in html.  php script is doing field validation
and I need to have php script relocate to an anchor (in same page) if there
are errors to be corrected on a form.

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