[thelist] Graphics - Pixelated?

david braun dbraun at d-ing.net
Fri Oct 12 10:22:38 CDT 2001

[12.10.2001 - 1:06 Uhr]
aardvark wrote:

> > From: "Burhan Khalid" <burhankh at hotmail.com>
> > 
> > Got a graphics question for all you artists out there.
> > How do you get a "pixelated" look on something? Say I want
> > two extra large " symbols, with that "distorted" look. Is there a
> > effect/filter I need?
> open photoshop... make a new image at some rather large size... 
> use the text tool to enter your nice, proper quotes... render them, 
> and scale it down to silly small (like 32x32, but keep whatever 
> aspect ratio you have)...
> now, scale it up...  or just zoom in and screen cap that...
> or cap the quotes from a page layout app, paste and zoom...
> no filters needed, just capping, resizing, and capping...

just to follow-up on aardwarks post:

- when scaling back up, consider to resize on a  "factor n" (like twice, 3, 4 etc. times the small image is, and don't forget to select "repeating pixels" at the last select-box (might not be properly worded, I'm on a german system : ). This will make it sharp-edged...


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