[thelist] xssi serving up separate css

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Fri Oct 12 10:40:33 CDT 2001

	if the general public want to look at the estimated growth apsects of a
large corporate company - then fine il program for everything.

lets face it - the internet - big big place, lots to do and people to chat

in answer to your questions.

Our companies standard is (unless customers specify)
PC IE 4.x +
PC NS 4.x +
Mac IE (versions are determined on what the customer requests - normally IE
Mac NS 4.x +
Disabled viewers> if you are refering to people who might have messed about
with their setting (for whatever reason) no (unless the customer specifys) -
default settings and thats it
ALT tags - what are they??

only joking - yes all images have alt tags and i normally put a title tage
on text links

WAI>? don't know what this is.

what about you Morbus - what are your standards?



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 >But i am in a different programming environment - the only issues i have
 >worry about if it the site work in IE and NS on a PC and a Mac - using the
 >default setting of a browser.

Ok. What versions of the browsers, then?
Do you cater to disabled viewers?
Do all your images have ALT's?
Do you follow the WAI?

When I hear "default settings" or "popular browsers",
I hear instead "common web user", not "accessibility for all".

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