[thelist] xssi serving up separate css

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Fri Oct 12 10:45:46 CDT 2001

	 i think i may have read the article you're refering to on the onion.
expression - yes, then you are bound to have a different target audience
(the whiole world in all honesty) - in business i find it different - i can
not deal with our designers, half the time its like talking to a brick wall:
"no, im not compromising the desgin, ive seen other sites do it, so you must
be able to do"
The other sites mainly being microsoft or some highly technical expertly
programmed blah blah (although www.microsoft.com looks very scarey in some

its an issuse that will be here for while...but hey...thats life, thats what
its all about....


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>I understand why people would want to turn javascript off, but don't you
>feel it limits the internet - it holds back programmers and functionality

No more than lack of full colour holds back photographers and print

Creativity happens when you have to work with restrictions - sometimes
you come up with something spectacular, like duotones.

>plus i avoid where ever i can using pop up windows

If only everyone else were the same... I can see the point with contextual
stuff like printable formats, and help, but I don't think the benefits
the disbenefits.

>it if you're programming for a corporate site with their standard PC
>you're going to be programming for IE (mainly - there are exceptions as
>everything in life), and 8 out of the 10 users don't even know how to
>their cache let alone turn js off.

Assuming that their platforms aren't locked down to prevent it anyway.

But accessibility is somewhat important in a compulsory environment
like an intranet. If a user is forced to use the system because its their
job, and your system doesn't allow them to use it because they're
disabled, you've placed them in an impossible situation (and broken
the law in some places).

>we live in a world that is geared to change yet we try and restrict our
>selves in one of the fastest changing environments in the world - where
>it end?
 Actually, I'm not sure that limitless innovation is good. If the sky's the
limit, how do
you know when you've gone too far?

Humans interact with UIs in specific ways which are very difficult to
change. A
key part of supporting that is consistency - without which, innovation is

Remember that for most of us, the web is not art - a medium for
It's a medium for communicating information and fulfilling tasks. [At this
I was going to include a link to the 'Cubist website launched' story on the
but it seems to have been de-archived. Dammit]


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