[thelist] Stupid Mailreader Tricks (was: Stupid OE tip)

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Mon Oct 15 09:36:36 CDT 2001

> <tip type="Outlook Express" author="Joshua Olson">
> Did you know you can right-justify the to, cc, title, etc fields? 
>  Just put
> the cursor in the field and hit Ctrl-R.
> </tip>

Cool tip.   CTRL-R also right-justifies text in the email body (even in plain-text mode.  why?  who knows.)

Something useful:
<tip type="Outlook (all versions)">
When poring through dozens of discussion group messages, I always read only the ones I am interested in (this is not the interesting part.)

When I am done, I click in the window that contains the list of messages, hit CTRL-A (to select all), then CTRL-Q (to mark all read).  I keep all my messages, but if I wanted to delete them as well, then hitting the 'delete' key next would move them all to the "Deleted Items" folder.

A word of caution, if you delete a bunch of messages, make sure you mark them as read first, or you'll have unread messages in your deleted items folder (a big problem for us anal-retentives). :)

<tip type="Outlook (all versions)">
If you are setting up your email on a new computer and you rely heavily on filters (like moi), you can simplify your life by exporting your rules (ALWAYS to a seperate .pst file).  They will usually even fit on a floppy (bonus!).  Then set up your folders on your new machine, import the rules, and point them to the new folders (this is the only step you'll have to do manually)

<tip type="Outlook (all versions (except express?))">
For me, the "Outlook Bar" that is set up by default in outlook is pretty much useless.  I'd prefer to see a list of the folders I used with a summarry of the unread messages in each.  It takes about 10 seconds to set up Outlook this way.

Click View -> Outlook Bar (to deselect it), then click View -> Folder List (to select it)

As an added bonus, Outlook will remember which folders you left expanded and collapsed when you boot up in the mornings.

I hope these were not all considered "common knowledge".  They are just a few things that help save me TONS of time and allow me to keep up with the list while still being able to have a day job. :)

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