[thelist] Javascript LWP ?

Cyberwulf cyberwulf at skynet.be
Mon Oct 15 11:40:03 CDT 2001

Thx, but i'm afraid i didn't make myself clear enough...

It's to check a large list of links. So the checking of the links should
happen afterwards. Or let's say that a user types in an URL in a textbox,..
when the url looks good it should automaticly say if the URL is correct or

What Eric said, would work... but i've tried this before and that doesn't
seem to work in NS :o(  AND i'm not sure if it would work with what i'd want
to do...   is it possible to load a script again and again ?  ...or just
once... ?

But i'm afraid that it'll be the only sollution for this problem :o(

Tiele Declercq [ tiele at staff.start.be ]

Projectleider Start.be
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> >Is there a way to get a result from a cgi into a javascript variable ?
> The way I get a serverside variable into client side script is to get it
> to write a hidden input element with the contents of the variable. then
> Javascript can just read it like a normal element
> ie
> <input type="hidden" name="variablename" value="Output your 0 or 1 here">
> <button onclick="alert('Variablename='+variablename.value)">Click
> here</button>
> hope that helps
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