[thelist] Horrific Web Sites - Intentionally

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at brown.edu
Mon Oct 15 12:11:28 CDT 2001

At 5:59 PM +0100 10/15/01, Richard H. Morris wrote:
>Hello Listees,
>A client has asked for a small mod. to their web site to add a case study
>type of page. At first they asked about the possibility of a pop-up window
>when people entered the web site, but I talked them out of that.
>Next up was a suggestion of a coloured flashing box to highlight the case
>study, but I'm trying to tell them why that'd be a no-no too.
>What I'm trying to find, though, is one of those 'fake' sites that has just
>about every mistake possible on it, from flashing icons to gaudy
>backgrounds, typos, the works. I thought I had one saved in my Favorites but
>I can't seem to track it down - all I had was Web Sites That Suck and even
>those examples aren't *that* bad.
>Any ideas for the world's worst web sites (intentional or otherwise)?

One of my favorites is the one the marketing/publicity department of 
DreamWorks did for GalaxyQuest.


This is a rather genre-specific spoof, but obviously someone spent 
some time looking up the crappy fan sites out there.
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