[thelist] GoLive proprietary tags and MSIE5

Adrian Simmons adrian at cubitum.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 05:55:13 CDT 2001

>He did the site in GoLive (bummer) on a Mac and the code has all these
><CSACTION> and <CSOBJECT> tags.  It seems that they're maybe GoLive
>proprietary tags that wont work in IE for the PC.
They are indeed, they product was originally from a company called 
GoLive and was called CyberStudio - hence the CS.

IIRR, if your friend chooses to 'Export' the site from GoLive it will 
strip out all those tags, they are only there to tell GoLive itself 
what goes where in the page, the web browser doesn't need them at 
all. It's also possible to have it strip out that sort of stuff 
automatically when you upload to a server.

Tell him to read the manual, Page 423 if it's GoLive 5!

>Anyone have any experience with this type of problem
>and are there any workarounds or will he need to redo the page?
I never saw problems myself, but then I usually Export and have those 
tags stripped out :)
*No* he won't need to redo the site.

The only down side to exporting is that if you have to re-import it 
into GoLive it'll not pick up all those actions again AFAIK, so make 
sure you don't modify the HTML by hand afterwards, and make sure he 
keeps a backup of the original files, because if you need to make 
changes he'll need them.


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