[thelist] Hiding images (no right click?)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 16 18:14:40 CDT 2001

> From: "Faye Tarzwell(FayeC)" <fayec at canada.com>
> That was exactly my point when I answered a question on another list
> about stopping right clicks.... There is no way to really "hide" the
> file...I then remembered this page that had done a really good job by
> hiding the image behind a layer and then somehow hiding the code?!?

the reason i just included the link and no commentary is because i 
had no value to add to the article, and didn't want to chew bits...

but, since you ask... i have seen some applet that supposedly 
prevents screen caps and caching, but it requires the user to 
download a plug-in... clearly adoption of this will be insanely high, 
and you've probably already downloaded it and upgraded twice 
since i started writing this...  can i offer a URL?  no, only because i 
just assumed their tool / business model would fail by the time i hit 
the 'bookmark' button...

aren't you glad i'm blathering now?

otherwise, the trick is to make the technique cost-prohibitive for the 
thief... for instance, if i just wanted to grab an image as a dektop 
bg, and i couldn't, i might not like it enough to go turn off JS and try 
again... but if i planned to steal it and sell it for prime coconuts and 
$240-worth of pudding, then you can be damn sure if it's on the 
server, i'm getting the file...

so, can you truly protect an image?
short answer to your question: no...
long answer: no...

you'll not, as in my comment in the article, i just watermark an 
image... they aren't *that* good for people to really want to clone it 
out... except for the comment after mine, but i'm sure what he did 
looked like ass... mine, not yours...  ass, that is...

> Don't ask me...I lost the bookmark or the page is offline.... That's
> why I am asking...at least it's less annoying that that "Right-click
> not allowed popup"....

clearly that page would have benefitted from the "auto add to your 
favorites whether you like it or not" feature...

personally, i like rudy's suggestion best...

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