[thelist] way OT -- keyboard woes

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Tue Oct 16 22:36:27 CDT 2001

> a couple of the keys on my keyboard have died from overuse
> i've pried the caps off to see if there's an accumulation of grunge under
> them, but that's not the problem, and it looks like there's a rubber
> thingie under the cap, so maybe the electrical contact is grungy under
> that?  i don't want to pry the rubber thingie up, in case i rip it, but
> before i take the keyboard apart from the bottom, perhaps someone can
> advise whether i should even bother -- have i just pounded the key to
> death, or can it be fixed?   by me?

Rudy, new keyboards range anywhere from $10 to $80. You can easily go to a
superstore and get a new, never been typed on keyboard with a PS2 plug for
cheap cheap.

Anytime I need a new one, I go to one of the used computer places in town.
They've always got stacks of Dell keyboards, and since that's what I use at
work they're always instantly comfortable. I realize it may be a bit
different down south where you are, but you get my point. Replacement
keyboards are so cheap, that it wouldn't be worth trying to get it fixed.

Now since they're so cheap, maybe you'll feel more inclined to pull the
rubber thingie off and tell us if you can fix it, huh? :)


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