[thelist] SQL 'Buckets' - Was: way OT -- keyboard woes

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Tue Oct 16 23:43:30 CDT 2001

Hullo Rudy

Ahh, so buckets are more or less running totals. I see.

>ah, rankings...... [sigh]
>no, there is no simple way

Woohoo, I'm not entirely losing it.

>it would be easiest to use an auto_increment field and just display that

So, use a temporary table with an auto_increment field? Cheers!

>since you mentioned mysql, i can tell you right now that because you can't
>use subqueries, the following technique isn't going to work for you...

But she's a good old girl who usually does what she's told.

<tip type="phpMyAdmin">
If you've been using the same version of phpMyAdmin for a while you 
may want to try out a recent release. Its feature set, and 
reliability, is greatly improved. Of especial note is the extra 
information it gives you on the table overview pages: if you have the 
right permissions you can easily see when you need to optimize the 
table, and it provides a convenient link to do just that. Also: 
support for creating BDB tables, and other non-standard MySQL table 
types; less buggy / more convenient enum column type creation; handy 
gzip / bzip encoded structure &/or data dumping on the fly.

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