[thelist] The future of XML

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 04:29:12 CDT 2001

>>I have the same feeling, but with one major modification: I do not wish to
>>change the way I code *as long as my way works in the browsers*. If the
>>browsers, say, stop recognizing <P> and only accept <p>, I'll change my
>>coding practices, but not before.
>But doesn't it make sense to future proof what you're
>doing now, to reduce the amount of legacy code you'll
>have to upgrade when that day arrives?

My point is exactly that the day will never arrive. Browsers can handle 
upper case tags now, so developers can (and will) use them. If a browser 
were released that didn't recognize upper case tags, many sites would not 
work in it and its users would get annoyed and switch to another browser. 
Since this is Bad for Business,  browser vendors will never release such a 

I call this the Principle of Browser Conservatism: anything that is 
supported now will remain supported until the end of the WWW as we know it 

>As long as <p> works everywhere (it does), what's the

No problem at all, I just maintain that using <p> instead of <P> is a matter 
of personal choice.


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