[thelist] (Too) Long title tag in NS6

Derek Brouwers derek.brouwers at i-merge.net
Wed Oct 17 04:32:09 CDT 2001

I know it's not done to put a lot of text in <alt> or <title> tags, but
*the client* insists on it.

The problem now is that IE rearranges the text nicely on a couple of
lines, while NS6 (on both mac and pc) puts the whole text on 1 line, so
that it is displayed way past the screen's border.
(example on http://derek.sign.be/test_titletext.html)

How can I put line breaks in the text, or is there a better way instead
of using <span title="..."> tag to get the (sorta) same effect?
And while we're at it, any suggestions for NS4 where it doesn't work at


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