[thelist] Javascript LWP ?

MILLER David R. dmiller at mcc.ca
Wed Oct 17 09:10:29 CDT 2001

Just to throw out ideas, there is also the "web bug" approach. As misused as
it sometimes is, you might be able to adapt it to your needs. Quick outline:

- embed a transparent 1-pixel gif on the page
- when you want to send information to a server-side script, use JS to
change the href of the image to point to the script, appending the
information on the URL
- process the information; send back a 1-pixel gif, setting a cookie
- read the cookie in JS
- act on it

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But doesn't this still leave you with only support in browsers that can do
LiveConnect?  I am currently looking for a method of doing this on MacIE 5+
and cannot use Java do to MS being too lazy to implement LiveConnect.  They
say that they can't do it (read: "can't be bothered doing it").

Any method that allows for syncronysed data transfer without reloading would
be a great leap forward.  Any ideas you have would be appreciated.  Thanx.

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