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At 11:07 AM 10/17/01, you wrote:
>For example, I am currently
>going through the process of trying to get them to pay me for work that
>was outside the original specs, but was promised to the client and they
>believe was implied.
>The contract agreement that I signed was very vague and didn't cover the
>current scenario.

Live and learn. Things may be different in Australia, but generally 
speaking, if it ain't in the contract you're pretty much screwed. Next 
time, either subcontract on an hourly basis (so you'll get paid however 
much above-and-beyond-spec they ask for) or create a very specific list of 
deliverables that you're charging for, and make clear that if they need 
other deliverables, they will incur additional charges. I personally charge 
hourly rates for above-and-beyonds, but that's because I give deep 
discounts on per-project prices (I hate keeping track of hours, and I like 
to know for sure how much I'm gonna make). If you're not discounting your 
hourlies for the original project price, then charge them time and a half 
or double time or, really, whatever you want. But specify it in the 
original contract and proposal.

Sites to check out:


Can't think of anything else off the top of my head. HTH.

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