[thelist] Problems printing with DIVs

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 10:50:00 CDT 2001

>I have a page that is arranged in
>DIVs with the sole purpose of creating a page which
>mimics a frameset. By this I mean that I use a
>bufferframe and iframe tags to force a html document
>into a DIV that I've called ContentDiv. This all works
>fine. However when I use a button in another DIV to
>print the page, it only prints out the height of the
>contentDiv (I have used a linked stylesheet to exclude
>the other Div elements on the page, so that they do
>not print). How do I get the contents of the
>ContentDiv to print? Currently I am using the
>JavaScript:window.print and I have also tried,
>and other variations of this - Please point me in the
>right direction as it is driving me mad!

Try focusing on the DIV you want to print first. This helps with frames.


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