[thelist] Re: Hosting advice for large photo gallery/professional photo organisation site

Cayley Vos cvos at netpaths.net
Wed Oct 17 21:24:58 CDT 2001

Unix has better security, and more uptime.  I had a windows server in
addition to our linux boxes.  Our cost for the windows box, including
the time to maintain it was 90% of the total for both.  Bottom line,
Linux simply was stable, did not get infected with viruses and had no
permission issues.  We provide round the clock support, but now
(thankfully)  get to deal with customers only since we have dropped our
windows server.

--------- Most of the recommendations received were for NT hosts, while
I am
currently more disposed towards Unix servers. Am I just being too
conservative, or is there now no major difference between hosting on
these platforms? I had trouble with permissions when I was on an NT host

before, but never on Unix.

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