[thelist] zope cms implementations?

george gsd at mac.com
Fri Oct 19 15:37:03 CDT 2001


yeah i've been using zope for awhile and recently started using CMF. i don't
know anything about CMFDemo and have not yet seen a need for BTreeFolder, so
I can't tell you anything about them.

I found it easy to give CMF a unique look. i went into the portal_skins
folder and copied over a ton of methods from the generic control and content
folders and then cleared out all the tables and other crap (i hate tables).

you might find metazope or zopezen useful:


i have a few CMF sites but they are standard stuff and nothing special:



kind regards,
george donnelly
george at zettai.net
zettai: collaborative web tools for NGO's

> From: Sam-I-Am <sam at sam-i-am.com>
> anyone got any experience here? I'm exploring zope and what it can bring
> to the table for CMS development.
> I'm actually struggling to find an intelligible, built out demo that
> will show me what it would mean for me - the guy doing the markup,
> templates and the initial build-out.
> So far I have zope and CMF installed. That's all working.
> Then I came across the CMFDemo product, but can't seem to install it
> properly. I have BTreeFolder installed.. but it's still broken.
> Any pointers would be great,

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