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cin nic cinnicuk at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 21 16:37:36 CDT 2001

 Hello, my name is nic, known as cinnic on yahoo.  I
am new to the site and what I need most is help, as we
all do I guess??  I am trying to tease and free the
people around me from their society nurtured shackles
of greed and explotation and allow their pure hearts
to rule their lives (yes I know I'm a bloody hippie).
What I  strive to achive is a marketing company web
sie that facilitates and utilises people's greed as
the catalist for its expansion useing the basis of
pyramid selling for its structure(yeah yeah pyramids
again) but the Profits minus turnover will go straight
into a local community fund set up by the networking
company.  Here people can, chat, get ideas, get
advice, find out where the best products are, buy
products.  Here the emphisis is not on discount but on
developing the community to better it for all of us. 
A different kind of tax say based on need not
necessity.  So far I have a company which is trading
and making profit, good preofit at that, but rather
than use that money for myself I am donating it, so we
will call my company client1, what I need is a web
site that encompasses me offering the avove
faciliities and many more, can you aid in any way?
For example the first client (this is a real secured
client1) is donating £100  per product sold to this
marketing company.  (I reckon that 1 in 15 people can
become potential customers for just this particular
product).  The aim is then to become a marketing
company for other companys products advertising their
goods on the webpage that my company operates.  Here's
the tricky bit, the webpage needs to self generates
like h2g2, with no boss at the top, in fact no bosses
at all just internet voting and opinions. In fact, I
am employed in a company happy being humble at the
bottom of an engineering firm cleaning and making tea
(I could be earning 40k!!).  Companies coming into the
site agree to give up a percentage of their profit
from each customer who mentions the site when
purchasing their product and this percentage is
represented proportionately as advertising space or
time.  That way if they get no customers from the site
they don't pay any money!!  The public can then access
the site to get the things they require eg, chat,
gossip, public information.   
Tracy and her three collegues live 2 miles apart but
work at the same building 10 miles away. They have
tried car share schemes in the past but these have
failed as Tracy who lives furthest away always ends up
doing all the driving, whilst the other two chat and
relax. In the pub one night they work out that
combined they spend over £160 a week on fuel, due
mainly to congestion induced traffic jams. They decide
to post an e-mail requesting a taxi to pick them up
and drive them to work and home again in the evening.
The site then advertises for a driver and agrees
payment from the fund.  Tracy and her friends have
agreed to donate £30 each per week (saving £10 each)
Stan the main man in taxis has just seen the advert
and replies that he can do that (he thinks that about
£10 an hour!)
The community then points out to Stan that if he
converts his petrol taxi to dual fuel lpg, he can save
50% on his weekly fuel costs and reduce toxic
emmissions over this trip by 90% from his taxi and
that if he does this, the fund will pay him £15 per
Benefits to community:-
Tracy and friends enjoy relaxed chauffered drive to
and from work whilst saving £10 each per week.
Congestion is reduced by 3 cars on their usual route
to work so theoretically they get to work quicker!
Toxic emissions are reduced by 4x100% toxic pollution
cars being replaced by 1x10% emmission taxi
Asthma rates fall slightly
Parking around their workplace is freed up
Tracy and friends no longer need to be two car
Mrs Jones, single mother, ex drug user, unemployed
wants to decorate her damp bed sit in time for her
daughter's second birthday,  she sends an e-mail for
the request which goes to public net user vote
(someone wanting something for free-eg of no benifit
to the community would be voted for least) and is
voted in or out according to the communities feelings.
Bob the builder and decorater who has been out of work
for three months sees the advert and replies stating
he would only be too happy to do the job for £15 per

Tracy from example one is married to Bob the Builder
and has a 2 year old son whom Bob used to look after
three days a week before he started work again as a
result of the commmunity scheme.  She posts another
advert asking for a child minder.  Mrs Jones from
example 2 has a NVQ3 in childcare but due to her
history and circumstances finds she can not work but
she replies anyway thinking-whats the point?
The community suggests that she should be given a
chance as we all need a second chance and anyway Bob's
there to keep an eye on things as all builders do! 
She gets paid £15 per hour for the child minding.

So from you I require some help with directing some
people to design a site like h2g2 to set up a parallel
site for this community scheme  which could
potentially merge in with h2g2 in the future.  The
site would eventually call for smart cards and replace
cash and always be working always from the bottom up,
empowering others to empower others.  The potential is
endless and scary which is why I can't run it alone
for fear of personal greed!! 


For more info or to call me crazy please e-mail me

 cinnicuk at yahoo.co.uk

Thanks for your time xx
--- Navin Dhanuka <navin_dhanuka at yahoo.com> wrote: >
> When I use IE the webpages I browse are located in
> my C:\Documents and
> Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary
> Internet Files
> When using Nestcape where are Cache/Temp Internet
> files located
> Thanks in advance.
> Navin Dhanuka
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