[thelist] Mozilla, browser blocking/redirection, and David Illsley's useragent toolbar

lophty lists lists at lophty.com
Mon Oct 29 06:09:09 CST 2001

In the aftermath of MSN's browser-blocking misadventure, I stumbled 
across a really useful Mozilla
add-on - David Illsley's useragent toolbar xpi - linked from :


When it's installed, you can change the useragent string that Mozilla 
reports by either entering your
own or selecting from a dropdown list (which includes some common 
configurations like MSIE5 on
win98 and mac, NS 4.7 on win, mac, and unix, and more).  Pretty neat and 
useful for getting around
strong-arm browser-blocking in a pinch.

-brian donovan
(on digest mode)

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