[thelist] Any PDF Pro's?????

Michael Goddard michael at tdh-marketing.com
Mon Oct 29 07:37:59 CST 2001


Do you have the orginial file that was created?  Scanning a document such as
you are describing is only going to create an image pdf which will/is going
to look like crap no matter what the settings and the file size is going to
be large no matter how much you optimize.

I would ask the client for either the name of the person who created the
file or the actual (original) file and then either:

1) Ask the creator for either the file or a postcript version of the file
which can then be used in Adobe Distiller to create the pdf.
2) Take the original file from the client and convert to pdf (the ways to
convert will vary depending on the program used)
3) Your only other option is scanning the documents in using OCR sofware
such as Pegaus or TextBridge (we use TextBridge) and re-creating the
document in either MS Word or other program of your choice.  Then from there
create the pdf document.  This solution will take the most time.


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> Thanks for all the input guys!
> Since I don't have time/money for a new program, I guess I'll be messing
> with Acrobat settings tomorrow..........
> Sandy

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