[thelist] Automatically Size User-Loaded Images

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Mon Oct 29 10:12:22 CST 2001

In that case, it's gonna depend on the resources you have available.

The first point is that client-side is out. Forget it ;-)

If you're using PHP, then as Michael mentioned you can do it using the GD
library functions - it's not too difficult at all, but required that PHP is
built with the right options. Perl can also use GD. If you're on ASP, then
there are many commercial components that will give you that functionality.
I haven't found anything free though, so you're looking at a licensing cost.
If you're on Cold Fusion, then someone else should be able to answer, I have
no idea.

Basically, limiting file size can usually be done with no problems,
whichever programming environment you're using it will be a case of checking
when the file arrives at the server. It's normally an anvironment variable.

For image dimensions, you're looking at one of the solutions mentioned
above, however if you use a solution that can read the image dimensions,
you'll probably be able to resize them to make thumbnails as well. 


   WapWarp - http://wapwarp.com
 Wap-Dev - http://www.wap-dev.net
 Cookstour - http://cookstour.org

> Both if possible.  I would like to limit filesize for obvious 
> reasons, but
> also control image dimensions.  It would be great if I could have a
> thumbnail created on the fly as well...
> -Ron

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