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Mr. Forsberg,

This was for jeff, however ~~>
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:Hi Jeff
:>and if they choose to guarantee that browsers that'll make their site look
:>"fucked up" can't see the site at all, that's their right.
:Guy walks into a menswear store -- "I want to try on those shoes" --
:"I'm sorry sir, those are Patrick Cox shoes, and you're wearing red
:socks. I'm afraid I can't let you do that."
:Sure the shoes would look wrong on red socks, but a punter's a
:punter. The punter is there because they're interested in some
:Microsoft product, or Microsoft-related product / service. It doesn't
:make good business sense to turn people away, IMHO.
:>pop quiz:  what software vendor makes the most software for the mac?
:Before or after Microsoft bought a very large number of Apple shares?
:And, being picky, is it 'the most software' or 'the largest Mac
:development team outside Apple itself.' Either way, the logic of this
:is clear to me -- the logic behind, and supposed benefits of,
:actively blocking users escapes me entirely.
:>  ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
:>  > True, but there are better ways of letting me know than
:>>  completely blocking me out.
:>not if they want to prevent the site from being displayed in a messed up
:>manner.  how would you do it?

:<~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~>:
:The site's db backed? The developers are using templates? Errrrr:
:provide an alternate template that doesn't look like shite for
:non-compliant browsers? Just like the rest of us would if we couldn't
:be bothered coding it to look ok in the preferred template. :)
:<~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~> <~>:

Firstly, designing to accomodate other sites ~ no designer loves that, and
in ms's case, what's the point, when they have other things to take care of.
The simplest thing to do is design for their own browser.

Not to be abrupt, but if I don't want a certain browser/s to view my site,
then that's my choice.(It's my site - the same way that at the end of the
day what i say goes).  The main reason that the ability exists means that
hey, it's there to be used when necessary (I not killing anyone by using
it), if they wanna use my site, adhere to my rules.

My point, - if you're going to a party, and the dress code is /*formal*/ -
you turn up in shorts, slippers, and a vest.  Will you get upset when you
are not admitted?

Same here, the site is MS's website, they want you to view it with certain
browser/s, that's their choice.  If nobody likes that they have options, buy
msn and call the shots, or just don't go there.  Do you have to lose by not
going to msn.com?


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