[thelist] MSN locks out non IE browsers

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Mon Oct 29 14:56:44 CST 2001

>if you're going to a party, and the dress code is /*formal*/ - you 
>turn up in shorts, slippers, and a vest

Who told you about that!!?!! ;-)

>Firstly, designing to accomodate other sites ~ no designer loves that, and
>in ms's case, what's the point, when they have other things to take care of.
>The simplest thing to do is design for their own browser.

Not an excuse. If Microsoft don't have the resources, then who could?

Bottom line: this is a business question, not a resource question.

The assumption is (I'm guessing here): lock out non-MS browsers, and 
they'll want the content so badly they'll install a Microsoft 
browser. But who are they pitching this to? (Another guess:) 
inexperienced computer users who weren't aware of this browser 
upgrade guff? How many of these users would put the whole issue into 
the too hard basket?

That's why I called it a 'strange move.' Not a 'stupid move', nor a 
'fascist move', nor a 'money-grubbing monopolist move'. Just strange, 
because there has to be something else to it that I'm missing. And 
the 'designing for multiple browsers is too hard' argument doesn't 
cut it.

Andrew Forsberg
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