[thelist] Automatically Size User-Loaded Images

Adrian Fischer adrian at aussiebidder.com
Mon Oct 29 15:41:56 CST 2001

Hi Guys,

I actually do this using perl (limit files size that is).  It ensures that
only gif or jpg are uploaded. It limits the file  size to 1024 kb. Changes
the name of the file to the users Acct number so that I can track it and
sends me an email telling me that a an image has been uploaded and its name
( as a link to view the image). Nifty.

I would be interested in also see howyouget on with images sizing on the
fly.  It appears no matter how often youtell people that their image has to
be x by y they will continually try to jam xx by yy into the given space.
If I could work out how to proportionally resize their image, life would be
so much easier.

Looking forward to other responses.

<snip> Perl can also use GD.
Best I look into that.
I'm just concerned that we keep the user from screwing things up!  :)

It'll never happen ;-)


Adrian Fischer

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