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> From: Ornstein, Ian [mailto:IanOrnstein at NC.SLR.com]
> thanks for you reply, Jeff.
> I want to access the radio buttons on the form by
> form name so I don't cause a maintenance problem
> resulting from the movement of forms on the page.

good idea.

> Although it works with "forms[0]",

change all instances of "forms[0]" (without the quotes) to "RadioColor" or
"forms['RadioColor']" (again, without the quotes).  that's all you have to

> Do you have some dynamic debugging tools that would
> allow me to view the DOM after I modify it
> dynamically?  Or some suggestions for debugging?

try downloading and installing the accessories here:

one of them includes a "view partial source" option in the right-click menu
after you've highlighted a portion of the page.

it also includes a "document tree" option in the right-click menu.  however,
i don't know if it adjusts the values of the nodes on the fly or if it just
gives you a snapshot of the current objects, properties, and their values.

i think brainjar has something that allows dynamic dom surfing, although i
think it needs a lot of work to be easier to use:

btw, would you mind reposting your offlist response to thelist where i'll
answer with this response so this information gets into the archives and
also to thelist where other people may be wondering the same thing you are?
if you're not sure what i mean, please ask.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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